About CHABASHILA & Our Mission


Japanese Language Lessons CHABASHILA is a group of professional Japanese language teachers managed by Amy-sensei. It provides online lessons worldwide and face-to-face private lessons to people living in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan. All teachers here are certified and understands English.


What does CHABASHILA mean? ~Our Mission~

Do you like green tea? Look into your cup next time you drink. If you see a tea stem floating upright in your cup, it tells you that something good is going to happen. That tea stem is called " 茶柱", pronounced "chabashira". CHABASHILA is named after this. We hope that our lessons brings you good luck and happiness just like 茶柱 as well as achieving your goal.



Statistics of our students;

                            (May 2019)




CHABASHILA students' occupation and business fields;

Cosmetic firm , IT company, Financial company, Manufacturing Industry, Advertisement business, Consulting firm, Bedding company, Computer and Electronics, Shipping, Military Base, Bank, Researcher, Professor, English Teacher, Lawyer, Accountant, Casino Dealer, Professional Golfer, University Student, Priest, Scientist, Violinist, Composer, Underwater Photographer, Boat Captain, Architect, SE, Night Club Assistant, Translator 




Teachers in CHABASHILA


Lived in; Sunderland UK & Utsunomiya, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama JAPAN

Has career at; Consulting firm, Japanese language schools 

Things she likes to do; Scuba diving, Motorbike touring, Horse Riding, Boat Fishing, and loves animals! 

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Things she loves; Dance, music and travelling.

Message from Aoki-sensei; I am looking forward to help you learn Japanese so that your life in Japan will become an exciting and a fruitful one.

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She is also; A Saxophone player. Plays Jazz, especially Free Jazz at a live music club in Tokyo.

Things she likes; Fine art and photography.

Message from Naoko-sensei; Language is closely related to culture and lifestyle. I would like to teach you not only grammar and useful expressions but also Japanese customs and way Japanese people think.


Her favourite place in Japan; Kawagoe. 

Message from Nora-sensei; I love my hometown, Kawagoe. It always gives me power and strength. Kawagoe has many old temples and shrines. The most famous shrine "Kitain" was built even in around Kamakura era and those narrow streets that have pretty fancy shops which you cannot easily find have not changed it's facade over 100 years. There is also a very big festival known as the "Kawagoe-Matsuri". This is one of the biggest festival in Japan and approximately 1 million people visit every year from all over the World. Please visit Kawagoe. I am very happy to guide you around this fantastic town.


Her hobby; Yoga, travelling, playing tennis and to take a walk around Kamakura to keep fit. Also she has been getting into playing Mahjong lately.

Has career teaching at; Japanese language School for 10 years.

Message from Yuri-sensei; I would like to teach you not just sentence structures and grammar which you can learn from text books but also practical and useful everyday phrases.


Things she likes to do; Reading books, watching movies, swimming, taking photos and shopping. 

Message from Yumi-sensei; I have been working at a Company for a very long time so I know how things take place in "Japanese business scenes". I can teach you how to deal with Japanese business manners and customs based on my experience.  I hope that you will find learning Japanese is a fun task and also hope that you will get to like more about Japan through my lessons.


Things she likes to do; Surfing, Travelling, Cooking and Hand crafting

Message from Harumi-sensei; I'd like to teach not only the Japanese language itself  but also Japanese culture and history. I enjoy learning World history myself so let's study and have fun together!!


Lived in; several cities in Europe, Kobe and Tokyo in Japan

Things she likes to do; Travelling, listening to music, reading books and cooking. Especially Maki-zushi.

Message from Nobuko-sensei; I hope that you will have a fulfilling life in Japan through learning Japanese with me. Let's enjoy learning Japanese!


Expertize in; Basic level, Japanese culture

Things she likes to do; Travelling, to take a walk around the Imperial Palace, listening to music and going to rock band concerts.

Message from Yako-sensei; Let's learn Japanese and Japanese culture together. I will support your dream come true! 


Expertize in; Basic level and Business level, Japanese for IT Engineers. She used to be an Electronics Engineer herself and holds a patent in the video-image field. Also she took part in the special training for teaching Japanese to business persons and has taught many students at enterprises since then.

Things she likes to do; Travelling and watching Musicals. During 2019, she travelled to Taiwan, Canada, USA, Philippines and Vietnam and watched a musical in New York. Also she is a big fan of sports (eg. baseball, volleyball, rugby, badminton, basketball) especially sports played by High school students such as the "Koshien" baseball tournament, Spring term volleyball tournament and rugby "Hanazono". She is excited to participate in the Tokyo Olympics as a volunteer (English guide).


Expertize in; Japanese Business manners, Preparation for JLPT

Things she likes to do; Travelling and to go for a drive. Also she is capable of carving a statue of Buddha and can put on a Kimono by herself and to others properly which is a very difficult thing to do.

Message from Natsuco-sensei; I was teaching in India till September 2019 so I know how hard it is to live in a foreign Country. Through learning Japanese with me, you can make your life in Japan an enjoyable and a productive one.


Expertize in; General Japanese(beginner through advanced level), Business Japanese(focusing on professional skills for business conversation) and JLPT, BJT preparation 

Message from Kawaguchi-sensei; I have been teaching Japanese as a second/foreign language in higher education in Japan, USA and Taiwan. I started my career in Oregon, USA in 1999 and moved to Taiwan in 2005. I taught there for 6 years and came back to Japan. Basically I like to make communication with people so I like to travel but I also enjoy all kinds of sports, especially jogging, hiking and riding a bicycle.  I am looking forward to meet new students who are eager to learn Japanese seriously and help them improve through my fun and enjoyable lessons.


Expertize in; Japanese Culture, has a certified license to teach Sado(Japanese tea ceremony) and Kodo(traditional insense ceremony)

Things she likes to do; All sorts of dance including Nichibu(classical Japanese dace). Especially into K-POP dance now and also likes to watch Kabuki, to play the drums and much fond of Japanese idols. 

Message from Kumi-sensei; I am keen on making my lessons "語楽". This is a created word based on a word "語学". Originally it means "to learn a language" but "語楽” means "to enjoy learning a language". Through my lessons I try to introduce Japanese culture as much as I can every season because I would like my students not just to study Japanese language but to become interested in Japanese culture and achieve their goals. 


Expertize in; Business conversations for Beginners to Advanced

Message from Hanada-sensei; During my business experiences for 30+years, I have worked with many foreign workers, in different nationalities and different language levels. All in common was that they wanted to speak Japanese better. Not easy for everyone besides if you are busy. That is why I would like to focus on simple yet polite expressions and useful dialogues you can soon use, even for beginners, in your real life.  Hope you will enjoy interactions with people around you and be said "You speak Japanese well".





Our Staff


Nagui 凪さん

General Manager / Public Relations





Malo 麻呂


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