Why choose CHABASHILA to learn Japanese?

 Japanese Language Lessons CHABASHILA managed by Amy-sensei provides face to face private lessons to people living in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan. All teachers belonging to CHABASHILA  are certified and understand English.


Student friendly

CHABASHILA will make efficient, effective and interesting lessons made just for you! Curriculum are made individually to suit your learning style and objective. Please feel free to make a request!



CHABASHILA will choose text books that fits you the best. Prefer not to use them? No problem. We will make fun and useful materials of our own for you.



You can choose between a private lesson and a semi-private lesson. With semi-private lessons you can learn with your friend and colleague at your office.



CHABASHILA will make lessons at your office and at a café convenient for you in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki.



All teachers in CHABASHILA including Amy-sensei are a certified professional Japanese language instructor. Teachers have a qualified license to teach Japanese.


Speak English

All teachers in CHABASHILA including Amy-sensei can speak English. It will be explained in English if you wish, but if you wish not to hear any English at all in class, we will teach you using Direct method which you will only hear Japanese then.



Teachers are all well experienced. Amy-sensei has extensive experience over 16 years not only as a private tutor but has also taught at Japanese language schools.



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