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What type of lesson are you looking for?

You can choose between private lessons and semi-private lessons. Semi-private lessons are for 2-3 students generally in the same level.


Where would you like to learn?

At your office and at a café convenient for you. Semi-private lessons will be held at your office only.


What time of day would you like to learn? 

 Open from 10am to 8pm.  Early mornings before 10am and late evenings after 8pm are available for additional 1,000jpy.


Which level are you?
Zero starter? Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced? Open to all levels. Beginners are welcomed!



What would you like to focus on? 

Want to do from the basic? Learn grammar properly? Prepare for the JLPT? Just do conversation without using textbooks? Want to know about Japanese culture and business manners? Learn how to write Japanese characters(ひらがな hiragana, カタカナ katakana, and 漢字 kanji)? Learn honorific forms and humble expressions used in business? Read an article or a book together? Practice writing an essay and business emails?

Lessons will be made just for you! Please make a request.


What if I need to cancel?

Don't worry. You can reschedule lessons for free. There will be no cancellation penalty if you notice earlier than two hours before the scheduled lesson. 

How to book lessons


Contact us by using our form or send an email


 This is with Amy-sensei and it includes explanation about the terms and conditions of our course, schedule, cancellation and payment. At the same time, level check will be done by conversing in Japanese time to time. If you are satisfied and wish to start regular lessons, 11,000jpy (in cash) will be required as a deposit. We will select the teacher that matches you the best based on this meeting.


You will soon receive your teachers info. and lesson confirmation. Regular lessons STARTS with YOUR TEACHER! Yay! The balance of your tuition fee is required to be paid by the starting date.






Do you want to know what it's like before you start regularly? Then please try our FREE Consultation & level check session! (30min.) 

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